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We're Matt and Sarah Law, both 32 and we live in Kilburn, North West London. Between June and September this year, we are cycling across America coast to coast, on the Transamerica route. Yep all 4200 miles of it. We start in Florence, Oregon and finish in Yorktown Virginia, travelling through Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky along the way. It's just us, our Dawes bikes, 8 panniers and a love of adventure. Feel free to follow our journey!


Matt likes: camping, pickling things, cheese, Johnny Cash, pigs, paradoxes Matt dislikes: shopping, typos, inefficient queuing, comedy films where everything goes wrong Sarah likes: photography expeditions, lidos, rescue dogs, Kit-Kats, recycling, garden centres Sarah dislikes: science fiction, eggs, not having a garden